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Dr. Johnson brings over 10 years of data-driven professional experience. Her portfolio demonstrates an excellent track record of collaborating with individuals and teams to develop traditional or online courses, design teacher and student curriculum or lessons, create educational resources and projects, article writing and blogging, design and facilitate training, develop assessment items, write successful grant proposals, and assist with organizational development.

Dr. Johnson welcomes challenging, unique projects that call for “unparallel measures”. Her client can expect quality, creativity, flexibility, responsiveness, and professionalism at all times. Read More

Dr. Johnson is a top-notch instructional designer of educational materials. She brings the plethora of classroom, tutoring, and everyday experiences to design engaging, learner-centered products that include the following:

  1. Assessment Items
  2. Curriculum and Content Writing
  3. Standard-based lesson plans and real-world learning activities
  4. Instructional plans for adults and children
  5. Traditional and Online Course Development
  6. Parent/Child Resources
  7. Content for Educational TV Programs and Online Games
  8. Copywriting for manuals and guides

Dr. Johnson also edits the content for all educational products.

Becoming a Better Tutor: A Data-Driven Approach to Tutoring

by Dr. Holland Johnson Read More